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When .church #TLD was first announced I wanted to register http://alonzo.church so that it served a page about #lambda calculus and its inventor; too bad I was short of money. Now it's registered by some Panaman ISP and points to haskell.org. Which is strange because an (imaginary) hindley.milner domain would be much more appropriate for #haskell. OTOH http://lisp.org already serves a page about Jonh McCarthy.
I wonder what domain name would be appropriate for a page about Kenneth E. Iverson. Something like ⊤.org could look good, but I'm afraid that a one-character domain name is hard to register. ‎· 9000
/* BTW I went on to run `whois alonzo.church` after listening to a lot of Bach, specifically various renditions of BWV 1056. I imagined harpsichord-concerto-no-5.fm as a domain name; third-level would be per performance, resource names would be audio tracks, note sheets, etc. But whois .fm does not work from command line. */ ‎· 9000
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