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«There's the argument that professional programming is stressful. Again - compared to what? A doctor's work? A lawyer's work? Answering calls by irate customers while your responses are recorded for later inspection?» - http://www.yosefk.com/blog/do-you-really-want-to-be-making-th...
«Programmers who can program at all - as in, print out a binary tree correctly - are very scarce. This scarcity makes it rather hard to push programmers around. You can try to bully them into doing unpaid overtime, but they quickly learn that it's a seller's market, and that you're basically bluffing. You have nobody to replace them with.» ‎· 9000
«I work with three lawyers - two became programmers and one became a PM. I haven't met programmers who became lawyers. I do know an engineer - not a programmer - who became a patent attorney (reported reason: "at some point, you resent your manager being the age of your kids"). Would you like to become a patent attorney when you're 50?» ‎· 9000
«So I'm not planning to quit programming, not because it's such a great source of joy by itself, but because it looks so good compared to just about anything else. Maybe not the most "passionate" statement - but passion burns out, whereas greed is sustainable. And if you plan to quit programming, I wonder what your alternative is, and I won't be surprised if you come back to programming in a few years.» ‎· 9000
Brilliant yosefk and his sniper flamethrower. ‎· 9000
well, prog21.dadgum.com became too easy a target lately, steadily sliding into a near-senile stream of complaints ‎· плот страстей человеческих