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«If your phone bill was €500 last year, it should have been half a cent, according to the OECD: "If the price of Internet transit were stated in the form of an equivalent voice minute rate, it would be about USD 0.0000008 per minute – five orders of magnitude lower than typical voice rates."» - http://falkvinge.net/2012/11/26/oecd-telcos-overcharging-by-f...
«The performance of the Internet market model contrasts sharply with that of traditional regulated forms of voice traffic exchange.» Notice how it's 'market' vs 'regulated'. ‎· 9000
Чуваки изрядно нечестно считают, но в общем, да: есть такой баян ‎· Anyone can buy Teen Vogue
Оригинальный отчет, кажется, вполне нейтрален, а вот блоггеры - жулики позорные ‎· Anyone can buy Teen Vogue
не, оригинальный отчет тоже не лишен демагогии, но по крайней мере хороший. Впрочем, всем похуй is not it? ‎· Anyone can buy Teen Vogue