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Tim O’Reilly: «Create more value than you capture» - http://www.wired.com/business/2012/12/mf-tim-oreilly-qa/all/
«O'Reilly: If companies don’t think systemically enough—if they try to capture too much of the value—eventually innovation moves somewhere else. // Wired: If you could pick a company that needs to hear this, which would it be? // O’Reilly: Apple. They’re clearly on the wrong path.» ‎· 9000
«I give Jeff Bezos great kudos for getting the publishing industry to move seriously toward ebooks. I just wish they were a little less ruthless.» ‎· 9000
«DIY is great—getting your hands on things, knowing how things work. But the maker movement is also about new possibilities of hardware, like putting multitouch screens on phones for the first time. Makers like Jeff Han at NYU were doing that. So you can say that the first great product to come out of the maker movement is Apple’s iPhone.» ‎· 9000
«You know, there were a number of times when I passed up venture capital because I preferred to build something for the long term.» ‎· 9000