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«There will be one company that builds a Muting API… If you mute something in Tweetbot, it’s also muted elsewhere. If I don’t want to read anything about the Yankees and I make that known in one app, every app knows.» #hellyeah - http://blog.zackshapiro.com/muting-on-the-internet
«They’ll need to do a whole lot of content marketing to help the world to understand Muting - that it’s okay to turn down the Internet. … With Tweetbot, you can mute users, services, hashtags. It gives you the option to mute something for a period of time like a week. Or mute it forever.» ‎· 9000
«Muting technologies …. could lead to an exponential increase in the Filter Bubble effect. Though we’re already constructing these Bubbles around ourselves, reading what we want, ignoring people and web sites that speak to the other side. One solution I see to the danger of building Filter Bubbles is for your preferences to have an exponential decay element to them. If I Mute the 2012 Summer Olympics, I’d like to start seeing information about the last Summer Olympics by 2013» ‎· 9000
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