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«No one who works at Starbucks knows how to pull a shot anymore. The same is true for you. You have no idea how to type HTML anymore. You have no idea how to deploy a Node.js application. You have no idea how to create a link to another website.» - https://medium.com/surveillance-state/19a5db211e47
«Bitcoin is apparently a keyword that gets your posts sorted out of the stream In Google+. In Google’s world, ‘Caturday’ posts go viral. Bitcoin posts don’t even show up in your follower’s streams. … As more and more people started using these [centralized] services, I noticed the level of the conversations around me dropping closer to the kind of conversations people have in kindergarten.» ‎· 9000
(btw https://nightweb.net/ is a nice attempt) ‎· 9000
^^ you read my mind @9000 ‎· silpol
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