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A law intended to confiscate pirate ships revived to confiscate property of drug dealers without any due process. Proceedings go directly to the police force who does the forfeiture. What could go wrong? - http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/08/12/130812fa_fact_s...
«In West Philadelphia last August, an elderly couple named Mary and Leon Adams were finishing breakfast when several vans filled with heavily armed police pulled up to their red brick home. An officer announced, “We’ll give you ten minutes to get your things and vacate the property.” The men surrounding their home had been authorized to enter, seize, and seal the premises, without any prior notice.» ‎· 9000
this is sick. - “Do you, for some reason, think people driving up and down 59 [highway - me] owe you an explanation for why they might have money?” - “Sure they do.” ‎· время наебениться
This has been discussed on /. in great detail a couple of years ago. Tenaha isn't the only civic forfeiture hotspot out there. Slashdot folk mentioned some other little town where an attempt to create a profile of an average "drug lord" based on civil forfeiture cases yielded a clear picture of a pensioner from another state in a good car with lots of cash at hand. ‎· Стадо овец
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