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Glow: a mix of features of Python, Haskell, and Go. - http://fendrich.se/blog/2013/09/03/big-programming/
General syntax inspired by Python, ADT-based type system, by Haskell and/or ML, pipes and coroutines, by CSP/Go. I'd say mutable data model has some links to Clean's. Compiles to LLVM. What not to like? ;) Ah, the implementation is missing! ‎· 9000
forgot to include something from Erlang, just for the fuck it! ‎· romanovskis
^ Who needs this if he has pipes and pattern-matching already. Great Erlang's language features are replicated by many other languages; what's cool and not easy to emulate is Erlang's rolling deployment. ‎· 9000
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