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«Few things will make you feel like quite so big an asshole as stepping out in public with Glass and two smartphones.» — Hmm, I won't even think to care. #я_нерепрезентативен. - http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/12/glasshole/all/1

«I know that I’ve enraged people because I’ve heard them call me an asshole. “Look at that asshole,” they say. And I always sort of agree. … When I wear it at work, co-workers sometimes call me an asshole. My co-workers at WIRED, where we’re bravely facing the future, find it weird. People stop by and cyber-bully me at my standing treadmill desk.» ‎· 9000
«The problem with Google Glass is not that it’s bad industrial design. Google, like the rest of Silicon Valley, has learned a great deal about how to make an aesthetically pleasing product. But Glass is meant to be a highly visible addition to someone’s body as they walk around in public. That demands more than just a gorgeous product; it demands a fashionable product.» (http://wrd.cm/Kjb1Jx) ‎· 9000

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