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30 years after launch, ICE/ISEE-3 to return to an Earth no longer capable of speaking to it: «The transmitters of the NASA Deep Space Network no longer includes the equipment needed to talk to ISEE-3. These old-fashioned transmitters were removed in 1999.» - http://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/2014/02070836...
«Twelve of its 13 instruments were working when we last checked on its condition, sometime prior to 1999 … When the Deep Space Network realized what was going to be involved in regaining this capability, they did not even proceed as far as developing a cost estimate; "they decided this wasn't going to be possible."» ‎· 9000
^ only data that are constantly copied survive. closed formats are doomed. unpopular content, probably, is too. ‎· 9000
"For millennia, men and women have used paper to create everything from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Neville Chamberlain's 'piece of paper from Herr Hitler'. In the past few decades, computers, scanners, cassettes, videos, CDs, minidiscs and floppy disks have been used to replace the written word. Yet in just a few short years these digital versions have started to degrade. " ‎· silpol
"Jeff Rothenberg of the Rand Corporation, one of the world's experts on data preservation, points out: 'There is currently no demonstrably viable technical solution to this problem; yet if it is not solved, our increasingly digital heritage is in grave risk of being lost.' " ‎· silpol
^ Really old manuscripts take some effort to read, and ancient ones need outright decoding. Reverse-engineering of custom digital formats is not unfeasible, but is often illegal :( And some physical media die out before copyright expires. Rebuilding 30 year-old hardware may be more expensive than building new. ‎· 9000
But wait, they've managed to re-create the link: http://spacecollege.org/isee3/we-are-now-in-command-of-the-is... ‎· 9000