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«Q: Are you still on #Mongo? A: Oh god no. … Q: So how long did your Mongo backend last? A: Mongo lasted one week. We then moved to a single huge #Postgres node on EC2.» - http://codeinsider.us/i/2.html
And one more nail to the coffin: http://obartunov.livejournal.com/177247.html ‎· 9000
but why? ‎· silpol
Mongo used to be a bit... unsolid lately. Somehow less predictable than an SRE would like. ‎· 9000
"We then moved to a single huge Postgres node on EC2. It scaled surprisingly well - we just kept tacking on memory and disk space. And then we saw that starting to fall over." ‎· silpol
"Any advice for folks setting out to build their first non-trivial storage layer? // [Matin pauses] Just one - replication is not a backup strategy. " хыхы :) ‎· flâneuring serenely