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«Experiments growing bacteria on battery electrodes demonstrate that these novel, mind-boggling forms of life are essentially eating and excreting electricity.» - http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25894-meet-the-electric...
«The discovery of electric bacteria shows that some very basic forms of life can do away with sugary middlemen and handle the energy in its purest form – electrons, harvested from the surface of minerals. [Researchers are] now growing these bacteria directly on electrodes, keeping them alive with electricity and nothing else – neither sugars nor any other kind of nutrient.» ‎· 9000
Whaaaaat. ‎· Тринадцатый
^ I think they still need some minerals, maybe even amino acids, etc as building material for new cells. They just don't need food as energy source. ‎· 9000
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