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«LambdaPi. A bare-metal Lisp / Scheme based OS for the Raspberry Pi … I've been fed up with people claiming that *n*x is the greatest thing since sliced bread, or even the only sane way to write an operating system. I'm fed up with "normal" operating systems. I wanted to create a modern equivalent to NewtonOS, or the original MIT Lisp machine OS» - https://gitorious.org/lambdapi/pages/Home
«Also (hopefully) provides a BSD-licensed implementation of drivers for the Pi's hardware.» — I wonder if people would care enough to port them to C :) ‎· 9000
Next to it on the HN thread: http://armpit.sourceforge.net/ Scheme on [bare] ARM. ‎· 9000
Next comes Microscheme, Scheme for Arduino: https://github.com/ryansuchocki/microscheme/ ‎· 9000
why not custom hardware then, eh? remember those Lisp support enabled machines? ‎· silpol
^ Hardware is hard, and fixing a hardware bug is more than a pull request away. I won't mind a good answer to e.g. http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/204067/hardwar... ‎· 9000