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«Researchers were able to transmit the signals from one person’s brain over the Internet and use these signals to control the hand motions of another person within a split second of sending that signal.» - http://www.washington.edu/news/2014/11/05/uw-study-shows-dire...
«The research team combined two kinds of noninvasive instruments and fine-tuned software. One participant is hooked to an electroencephalography machine that reads brain activity and sends electrical pulses to the second participant, who is wearing a swim cap with a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil placed near the part of the brain that controls hand movements.» ‎· 9000
если представить себе, что первый действительно контролирует сигналы ‎· запощённый кусок обнажённой
^ он может объявлять о своих действиях — как просто вслух, так и написав заранее на бумаге и спрятав конверт в сейф. ‎· 9000