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Finally a GMO that makes everyday sense! Put firefly genes into a tree, make it glow and light the streets. - http://blog.suny.edu/2014/03/future-cities-lit-by-beautiful-b...
«A laboratory at Stony Brook University … has developed a glowing plant by merging luciferin–which is the chemical that enables fireflies to glow–with a simple plant. The result is a plant, in dirt, that glows. Naturally.» ‎· 9000
Now we need glowing bushes and glowing lawn grass. Preferably of various glow colors. ‎· 9000
and we also want a glowing shrubbery! ‎· SEND MEMES
Can they amend Vodka genes to make drunken pedestrians of Russian suburbs glow in the dirt of local roads? ‎· Славик-программист
^ Vodka is too primitive to have genes, but you could consider other plants! ‎· 9000