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«For this whole class of viruses, we have found the 'Enigma machine' -- the coding system that was hiding [the protein folding] information from us. We have shown that not only can we read these messages but we can jam them and stop the virus' deployment.» - http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150204075224.htm

«We have understood for decades that the RNA carries the genetic messages that create viral proteins, but we didn't know that, hidden within the stream of letters we use to denote the genetic information, is a second code governing virus assembly. It is like finding a secret message within an ordinary news report and then being able to crack the whole coding system behind it» ‎· 9000
This should defeat most single-stranded RNA viruses, including hepatitis C, HIV, polio, and (drum roll) common cold. ‎· 9000

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