Ctrl+F "monarchy" 0 matches. Pff. ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
What no ships? I liked ships. ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
Who needs monarchy when we can have Martian code! :) But 'monarchy' is there, lo and behold: «We know one thing about the whole network: by default, a social "network" is a monarchy. It has one corporate dictator, its developer. By default, a true network is a republic; its users govern it. And more important: a distributed community cannot coerce its users. Perhaps there are cases where monarchy is more efficient and effective -- but freedom is a product people want.» What is the loss of ships after such a sea change. ‎· 9000
I must admit that my first comment was a blind guess. Glad to be proven wrong. ‎· Vlad Kaznacheev
"Most people still have a general-purpose home computer, but it's atrophying into a client. Their critical data is all in the cloud. Technically, of course, that's ideal. Data centers are pretty good at being data centers" стиль никуда не деть ‎· no lives matter
(Also, kudos to the authors for taking time to thoroughly explain their goals, all the "whys", repeatedly, at different angles. That's how you sell a technical project to the public.) ‎· 9000