This big new hairy Python codebase makes me miss static types pretty badly.
(And yes, little time is left for anything but work and home lately. The so-called life consumes all the time.) ‎· 9000
Also, I need to buy a boat^W^W PyCharm. On a codebase this size, it should work nicely; people use it here. (A JetBrains t-shirt turned out to be a hit, too.) ‎· 9000
I hate python for it's "we have types so you can't compare 0 and '0' - but we won't allow you to define variable's type so that you only discover type mismatches after 2 days of agonizing pain" ‎· Buttbuttin
^ I take it over JavaScript's "we coerce everything without warning in bizarrely unnatural ways" any day (in fact, every day). ‎· 9000
All languages created equal, but javascript must be avoided. ‎· Buttbuttin