#Brooklyn and #NYC are likely the origin of #ASCII art :) http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/05/the-asc... 1860-70s, almost 150 years ago.
UTF was invented just across the river, in Jersey City, though much later. ‎· 9000
"Did the first ASCII advertisers have any sense of what they had done—or were they, in fact, drawing inspiration from some other source, perhaps hiding somewhere in the dusty annals of publishing history?" — I'd venture a guess that it was a logical step forward from the etching techniques used to reproduce images. ASCII art could literally be a poor man's etching. Was it in BKLYN? Possibly. ‎· blizzart
btw, (I know you mentioned you have no time for gaming, but) if you ever need to unwind and play a casual one — this one is beautiful and on topic: Type:Rider — it's a game about the history of typography. highly enjoyable, and actually taught me quite a bit of history. ‎· blizzart
^ typography platformer! надо посмотреть 8-) ‎· 9000