So far I (theoretically) like the #Swift language. Especially I like how many accepted proposals for swift v. 3 ( remove crutches introduced in previous versions, a lot of traditional C cruft, and even entire features that bring more problems than benefits (like, sadly, currying). #programming #link
Since a Linux port exists, it theoretically can be adapted for Android. (Unfortunately, Kotlin if unlikely to ever run on iOS.) ‎- 9000
"remove crotches"? that's not what I'd want a language to do, for sure :) ‎- yole
Spell checker be damned :) ‎- 9000
"if you have a cross to bear you may as well use it as a crutch" (q) )) ‎- Freedom Enforcement Officer
^ this is an interesting way to look at C++. ‎- 9000
если вы придёте к медведю с крестом... ‎- vi har vingar
Надо ли это понимать так, что никакого мнения о swift ни у кого не сложилось пока? ‎- 9000
I wish more developers of anything core-level were as thorough as the guys that wrote the Swift error-handling rationale ‎- 9000