#Маленькая_Соня: Vivaldi's Illness

Published by @9000 on 2020-06-22

— Holy cannoli I need to help my good friend Vivaldi.
— Smetana Smetana!
— Shhhhh Beethoven, don’t go near him he is sick.
— Why shouldn’t I, Smetana?
— Because Vivaldi is sick and you can’t go near him, he needs to rest.
— Never mind, maybe that was just a mistake.
— I know, I know.
— Is Vivaldi sick because of coronavirus?
— Neh.
— Is he sick because of the cold?
— Yes.
— Well, I’ll just go help him.
— Neh, don’t go near him.
— Well, never mind me, I’ll just go to his room and see how he’s feeling.
— Fine.
[ coughing ]
— Vivaldi, are you sick?
— Yes, Beethoven! I’m very sick. I’m having a cold.
— Well, how’s your temperature going?
— My temperature is now 100°F.
— Well, I’ll give you something good.
— Oh yes, something good would be good!
— So, what should I give you, something good?
— A sandwich would be good, and you could also make me some lasagna too. That’s what my family loves.
— And don’t forget about the hot tea!
— All right, all right, I’m on it Vivaldi.
[ turns gas on ]
— Oh, where is the kettle?
— Rimsky!
— Da?
— I can’t find the kettle.
— It’s right behind you.
— Behind me?
— Da!
— Oh, there it is.
[ puts kettle on ]
— But at least water is missing!
[ water pours ]
— Rimsky, do you know what kind of tea Vivaldi loves?
— I think one of his favorite teas is orchid tea.
— Oh, let me see orchid tea bags.
— Aha, I found it.
[ kettle whistling ]
[ sniffs ]
— Oh no, the water is boiling! I better put the Tea bag in there.
[ blows air ]
[ opens kettle lid ]
[ water bubbling ]
[ gentle splash ]
[ closes kettle lid ]
[ breathes heavy ]
— Oh dear, i’m tired.
— Rimsky.
— Da?
— Do we have any sandwiches or lasagna?
— Da, We sure do.
— But what kind?
— We got ham and cheese.
— OK, I’ll get Vivaldi the ham and cheese.
— Rimsky, do you mind if I get Vivaldi the ham and cheese sandwich?
— OK.
— But Rimsky, how many slices of lasagna do we have left?
— We have only three left, you can just take only one.
— And I think it’s still warm.
[ water Out of the kettle hissing]
— Oh no.
[ turns gas off ]
— Phew, now tea is done.
— Rimsky, where is the cup?
— Well, I guess we just have all cups, but you could of course have this green mug.
— Thanks, Rimsky!
[ pours tea ]
— Rimsky, now I have to go help my good friend Vivaldi.
[ sneeze ]
— Bless you, Vivaldi!
— G-g-Grazie.
— I brought you your food.
— Mmm! Grazie.
[ chewing sounds ]
— Hmm?
— That’s not enough slices of lasagna.
— But you can have only one.
— Well, fine.
[ sips tea ]
— Grazie, Beethoven.
— My pleasure, Vivaldi.
[ giggles ]
— Brrrrr.
— What’s wrong, Vivaldi?
— It’s my feet: they are cold.
— Well, I’ll go get you you the heater filled with hot water.
— Here you go Vivaldi! Now that’s much better for you.
— Oh, Grazie!
— But you could also borrow my plush cat that I sleep with.
— Oh, Grazie!
— And so how do you feel?
— Ooww! It’s too hot. it’s too hot!
— Do you think you could put a fluffy cover on it?
— All right, if you say so.
— Aha.
[ zips ]
— Here you go! I hope you will get well soon.
— Uh huh.
[ chuckles ]
— Oh dear, I was going to help Vivaldi get well soon, but Smetana wasn’t really letting me go to Vivaldi’s room.
— And this me Beethoven. Bye bye.