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Privacy policy

We collect the following data about you:

I. Email address associated with each user account. This email address is used to send you the account activation link and password reminder email. It could also be used to contact you in case there is an issue with your account that requires some cooperation from you. Email addresses will never be shared with anyone else.

When your account is purged, your email address will be erased. You can see your email address on your “Settings” page. You can change it by sending “I need to change my email address” request to @support group.

II. a) IP address of every page and URL access; b) IP address of API calls executed with API tokens authentication; c) IP address of last successful login to your account.

IP address information could be used to analyze service access patterns to improve quality of service and to prevent undesired activity. IP addresses will be erased after 21 days. They are never shared with anyone else.

Third-party website analytics.

We use Google Analytics to understand how our website is used.

You can opt-out by enabling the “Do Not Track” feature of your browser, or by using privacy ad blocker software.

Data portability

You can use Mokum Takeout feature ( to download content that you’ve posted to Mokum in machine-readable format.

Deleting your account

You can deactivate and remove your account via your “Settings” page. Your account will be deactivated immediately, and your content will be removed in 14 days unless you login again and reactivate your account during this grace period.

Your comments in other people’s posts will be preserved by default after your account is deleted. Please post to @support group if you feel the need to change that.

Support requests

If you have any questions or requests please post to @support group. Do not share private information right away, you will be advised on more secure channel depending on the nature of your request.

Version 1. Last update: 2018-05-24.