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Voting for features

Mokum has couple of dozen of planned features (and a lot of bugs). We’d like to gather feedback on which features should be implemented first. Welcome to #project_tyranny!

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  1. Voting cycle 1 started on July 17th, 2017. Next voting cycles will begin after every three to five features are implemented and tested.

  2. (Almost) every account gets three votes. Newly created accounts do not get votes until the next cycle. When next cycle begins, (almost) every account will get additional three votes, if they have spent their current votes.

  3. If we forgot some features, please remind us in @support. If you don’t understand some feature, please ask in @support, we expect you to vote responsibly.

  4. Some features will never be implemented, e.g. emojis, MP3 upload and several others.

  5. Every feature in this list will eventually be implemented: voting only affects their position in development queue.

  6. Please do not play games, or the game will stop.

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