Хорошие: 7 ways to say “hello”. https://pronunciationstudio.com/7-ways-say-hello/
The meaning of “hello” can change dramatically from charm to fear, or from attraction to annoyance depending on the intonation used. Here are 7 different ways to say it, each with its own meaning ‎· breedable with other kitties
The meaning of "нахуй" can also change in over 50 оттенков в зависимости от произношения. ‎· seliv
Ну этот-то язык я и так знаю, а английский мне все никак не выучить :) ‎· breedable with other kitties
The gnomes have learned a new way to say "hooray". ‎· пьяная, социально опасная свинья