Nitsan Wakart (Azul) on extreme profiling -
feat. bunny ears ‎- alf
Java Mission Control ‎- alf
we're not using any of (list) ‎- alf
safepoint bias, indeed ‎- alf
дождь ЗАМЕТНО слышно ‎- alf
JMC/Honest-profiler - one-eyed kings, still blind spots. ‎- alf
`perf` — try it at home, e.g. `perf top`, SIG_PROF, but no .map file for JVM ‎- alf
unfoldsimple/unfoldall ‎- alf
RBP? JVM JIT compiler doesn't use use RBP for frame pointer, +PreserveFramePointer (8u60+) ‎- alf
Cassandra nightly benchmarks - flame graphs ‎- alf
perf walks the real stack, not the imaginary one; unfoldall gives you most of it though ‎- alf
Skid: the blamed instruction is often *shortly* after where the big price is located ‎- alf
aside: is there _really_ method reordering? when? why it could be beneficial? ‎- alf
JMH again: perf stats -d / perfnorm / perfasm ‎- alf
Solaris Studio Analyzer (yes, Linux too) ‎- alf
"don't jump into assembly straight away.. because it's unpleasant" ‎- alf