Aviran Mordo on scaling engineering (WiX Engineering)
1200 people atm ‎- alf
100 people, ~15-20 engineers - functional teams ‎- alf
problem: shifting resources, project starvation ‎- alf
кажется, сейчас нам кратенько перескажут PMBoK ‎- alf
Functional model vs business unit model ‎- alf
"fusion" ‎- alf
1) (~400 people) gangs and guilds. (Essentially, matrix structure) ‎- alf
guild leads, guild masters as dedicated senior devs; guild core teams developing the core infrastructure. ‎- alf
2) (~800 ppl, > 10 projects) guild managers are overloaded, switch to company-in-the-company ‎- alf
CEOs and CTOs and VPs of R&D of "companies", per product. ‎- alf
"companies" assign a board member reporting to the chairman; adding cross-engineering teams. ‎- alf
guilds as meta DMs. ‎- alf
limit your stack, enabling knowledge sharing ‎- alf
~200 microservices, ~100 deployments a day ‎- alf
small microservices == small teams == small rooms. Architecture by office planning ‎- alf
ROQS responsibility/ownership/quality/sharing ‎- alf
developer centric culture, as developers can do QA, DBA, product definition, whatever. After all, startups are normally started by at least 50% (1 of 2) dev team. ‎- alf
20% of "guild time," Thursday is the guild day, for knowledge sharing, relation building, etc. (HOW?) ‎- alf
1h retrospective, "open space"; 30m project spotlight; 1h tech talk/workshop ‎- alf
Post mortems take some space on open space. ‎- alf
Guild week - game of gangs, one week per quarter. Pair programming with someone from a different "company", on a stuff not related to a product, something that causes pain daily. ‎- alf
the goal of the guild week is "to do it the right way," not finishing the task — it's essentially a drill in the best practices. ‎- alf
new teams starts with an "ambassador", at least a few weeks in the company; hiring is done around them ‎- alf
trying not to hire team leads; 3 to 6 months before promotion to TLs to preserve the culture ‎- alf
everyone has a right of veto during the hiring process ‎- alf
"a healthy tension between companies and the guilds" ‎- alf
a q on spotify's guilds: spotify's guilds don't have power, in spotify the guild is merely an interest club ‎- alf
набсовет :) ‎- a deity of any sort
a q on the biggest challenges — people management is a pain: the company structure is very vague, the person doesn't know who's the manager after all; people processes tend to take longer. ‎- alf