Инстаграм сообщает что наш друг Линор теперь кошка
В честь Горалика назвали :-) ‎- абонплата за листопад
Что значит "теперь"?! ‎- don't call me Shurely
кому и кошка друг ‎- мяу-фактор
Кому и Линор жена. ‎- некоторое арестованное животное
храни его господь ‎- мяу-фактор
забыла перекинуться обратно. бывает. ‎- darnau o urddas
«…three thousand years of resolving big complicated things into smaller pieces, discovering that the music of the planets was the same tune as a falling apple, finding that the true laws were perfectly universal and had no exceptions anywhere and took the form of simple maths governing the smallest parts, not to mention that the mind was the brain and the brain was made of neurons, a brain was what a person was - - - And then a woman turned into a cat, so much for all that». ‎- як орбитального выпаса