"the simplest ideas for a booth that attract people work best. However, you have to be also active in the booth to take advantage of the idea. The most attractive booth on Devoxx was the one of the company called "Logica" - they didn't bother with setting up elaborately-looking booth (like Sun or Adobe did), their trick was simply hiring a beautiful girl who served awesome cappuccino. I was there at least four times a day (imagine caffeine levels in my organism), and so was everybody else. However, despite being at their booth numerous times, I have no idea what Logica is and what they do. Nor do I care. The guys at the booth did not even try to talk to me even once - they were busy sitting around their little table and chatting among themselves." ‎· Размытое в синей футболке
"For me, drinking beer with JetBrains and ALMWorks folks was definitely the most fruitful and high-return moment of the whole Devoxx." ‎· Размытое в синей футболке
It brings us a most logical development of the trick: hire a beautiful girl to serve awesome beer :) ‎· Count Caturday
@bleys doesn't work: there were plenty last year. Capuccino with a heart wins the battle with ease. ‎· Размытое в синей футболке
@alf: anybody tried a beer with a heart? ‎· Count Caturday