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#devoxx Neal Ford on "Productive Programmer" — will see...
the topic, in brief: CLI rulezzz; so do accelerators ‎- alf
command-shift-g ‎- alf
firefox: / and ' search ‎- alf
number-fox plugin ‎- alf
Apple (leopard) smart help ‎- alf
"Any time you're doing routine repetitive task on behalf of you computer, it's laughing at you" ‎- alf
pushd/popd ‎- alf
cmd prompt explorer bar, one-way sync with ui ‎- alf
path finder in OSX — can't find it right away though ‎- alf
key promoter plugin for #idea ‎- alf
move mouse to the left ‎- alf
kill balloons; keep yourself safe from interruptions ‎- alf
screen dimmers (jedi concentrate for win, ??? for mac) ‎- alf
don't keep your email opened ‎- alf
turn off IM, emails, etc, etc. ‎- alf
rooted views ‎- alf
virtual desktops ‎- alf
DRY: canonical representation ‎- alf
SVN2Wiki, SVN2RSS (come on, I have #idea for that!) ‎- alf
one-command build again. Never seen one, though. ‎- alf
Selenium IDE as a tool to get to the exact web page you're working on — nice one! ‎- alf
a bit of bash-fu as usual: sed, grep, sort, uniq, xargs ‎- alf
interesting while arguable idea, "always scritp in <em>real</em> language". I'll never give up awk! ‎- alf
ideas on justifying automation: time boxing, risk mitigation, time saving ‎- alf
don't shave yaks ‎- alf
to read: Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns ‎- alf