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"DECLARATION I hereby inform all users of the service www.bitomat.pl of system failure that occurred on 26 July 2011 and its consequences. At the outset I would like to apologize for such a long delay in publication of this statement. I explained that it was dictated only by the good service investigation conducted to determine the causes of failure and the people responsible for it. Unfortunately, to date, despite intensive efforts, could not determine these issues. However, I believe that the longer pause to disclose this communication at this stage would be unreasonable. I am also aware that service users are the appropriate explanation. On 26 July 2011 at about 23:00, I noticed that absorbs all Bitcoin server machine resources, and probably not used for making. So there was need to increase the amount of RAM in the server. As a result of that procedure - suddenly the whole virtual machine has been erased, all data stored on the server has been lost!, Including records concerning bitcoinowego portfolio and its backups (backups). I have taken action have established that the disappearance of the data was the result of the introduction of virtual server settings, which he never would have introduced. Amazon Web Services Company, which is located servers, website says that the machine that has been cleared has been set up in such a way as to be irretrievably destroyed automatically with the data on disks attached to it at the time of her arrest by the shutdown. We are constantly trying to determine who made changes to these settings and whether it will be able to recover lost data. Unfortunately partnership with Amazon Web Services, which was placed servers service is difficult. Once I realized that I deleted the machine have redeemed the biggest package of technical support, I talked to the manager, asked about the security of disk space, I explained, so far unsuccessfully. Still exerts pressure on the Amazon Web Services to accelerate their activities but without concrete results. At the moment I am unable to clearly determine the causes of crashes, I suppose that it is the result of actions of third parties, which are causing the server tried to cancel to hide their illegal activities, or intentionally wanted to website disappeared. If my suppositions are confirmed, the fact will let police and prosecutors. At the same time if possible take action through which it would be possible to recreate lost data. But what I need to interact with the server's owner, and that as I mentioned above is difficult. At this point I wish to inform and assure you that your cash deposited into your bank account service and not converted into BTC and unpaid cash from the sale of BTC remain safe and intact. Any further findings will you keep. At the same time I am counting on your help in solving the problem. I realize that the situation is very difficult, and you fear for the fate of their BTC. We are constantly working on a solution to the crisis, and I'm open to your suggestions. Currently going to: cancel all active orders so far, to restore service to operate to allow the performance of any operation (in particular the payment of PLN). Please your suggestions and ideas. I wish to inform you that I had several conversations with potential investors from home and abroad. Www.bitomat.pl service is on sale for EUR 17,000 BTC. If interested, please contact us at bartek@szabat.com. Best regards Bartek Shabbat Service Administrator www.bitomat.pl" ‎· программирует на***
Как добавление RAM могло убить всю вирутальную машину, я не понял!? ‎· бородат и духовно хвостат
Там нельзя добавить RAM :) Там можно создать новый образ и грохнуть старый. Грохать старый, не подняв и проверив новый — плохая идея, но, как видим... ‎· программирует на***
Аааа, это виртуальная RAM в EC2? Ясно. Очень, очень удобная система. Офигеть просто. Да и дорогая же она жутко... ‎· бородат и духовно хвостат
И, да, там ещё в тереде есть чудесные примеры google translate... ‎· бородат и духовно хвостат
"If this is the top, I'm not sure I wanna see the rest of the class." ‎· программирует на***