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RT @charlescwcooke: Why is diversity good or bad? Why should I care? Because I don't. I really don't get why "we're ethnically diverse!" is, well, anything.
There are different types of diversity, and they can be good as well as bad. Large diversity in fundamental preferences can make it very difficult for a social group to allocate their resources for the common good, because everybody wants something different. But, on the other hand, large diversity in viewpoints and backgrounds and skills can help a lot with coming up with solutions to complicated problems. It is claimed that at least in certain conditions a randomly selected collection of problem solvers outperforms a collection of the best individual problem solvers [http://www.amazon.com/dp/0691128383]. Ethnic diversity may, but doesn't necessarily have to, correlate with both, the diversity of fundamental preferences, and the diversity of viewpoints & backgrounds & skills, so its "goodness" depends on the circumstances, but it definitely can have an influence. ‎· Taivo Lints
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