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RT @spbcsclub: MSR Intern Program in Russia: 01.09.2013 - 14:31 Александр Куликов Сообщение от Андрея Гольдберга (... #spbcsclub
"""Dear Colleague, Microsoft Research announced its 2014 Worldwide Intern Program in Russia: . The web page has application instructions. All of you have heard about MSR Intern opportunities (and some have been interns in the past). You know that the program presents a great opportunity for students to do research in a highly motivating environment. Please advertise the program as appropriate (via melting lists, social networks, etc.). ‎· alf
"""The Russia program is closely related to the general MSR Intern program , to which Russian students can also apply. However, applicants to the Russia program are evaluated by a committee of researchers familiar with Russia, who can better identify good students and match them with potential hosts at MSR. ‎· alf