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RT @jessitron: code review or pairing? synchronous vs async collaboration, tradeoffs and impacts on team composition, by @phinze http://phinze.github.io/2013/12/08/pairing-vs-code-review.html
"Between last_job and current_job I transitioned from a dev culture of pair programming to one of peer code review. It’s been an interesting experience adjusting to the differences, and I thought I’d write down some of what I’ve noticed. You can find plenty of articles with titles of the format /The (benefits|dangers) of (pair programming|code review)/ where the author has a clear persuasive agenda. I’ve found that both strategies can be effective, with some definite tradeoffs between the two. I’d like to try and provide some relatively balanced discussion of those tradeoffs." ‎· current standards of decency

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