"Use Linux" as a "solution" for computer literacy is akin to sending people to a garage for driving lessons: almost completely useless
what is computer literacy? ‎· silpol
if only I knew. There's yet another BOFH complaining that kids (and adults alike) cannot use computers: http://www.coding2learn.org/blog/2013/07/29/kids-cant-use-com... ‎· Размытое в синей футболке
^ "She handed me her MacBook silently and the look on her face said it all. Fix my computer, geek, and hurry up about it." - that's not illiteracy, that's ignorance, isn't it? ‎· silpol
^ I'd say that's his perception. He goes on and on bitching about pretty basic stuff as if the heaven was about to break loose. Apologies for poorly phrased twit BTW. ‎· Размытое в синей футболке