And with that in mind, I'd like to say a few words about traditional college grading. I'm sick of it. We are obsessed with grades because we are obsessed with data, and yet grading takes away all the fun from failing, and a huge part of education is about failing. Courage, according to Churchill, is the ability to go from one defeat to another without losing enthusiasm. (Laughter) And [Joyce] said that mistakes are the portals of discovery. And yet we don't tolerate mistakes, and we worship grades. So we collect your B pluses and your A minuses and we aggregate them into a number like 3.4, which is stamped on your forehead and sums up who you are. Well, in my opinion, we went too far with this nonsense, and grading became degrading. ‎· подызделие
Самое невероятное в том, что они впихнули все это в один семестр ‎· Good command or file name
О да, я планирую проверить. Курс по компиляторам мне казался почти до предела упрощённым, и то там семестр плотной работы. А тут ещё четыре уровня ещё до него, посмотрим, посмотрим. ‎· a mere five hundred de­grees