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Чарльстон: линия жизни
you seem to enjoy displays of life-threatening insecurity. ‎· 9000
I guess it's a directed photo, so there was no real life threat in this particular case. I like the composition of the picture, with balanced weights of the wide stripes and girls' dresses. ‎· ati
most certainly photos you post are not of situations where a real danger exists due to use of certain shooting tricks. though they display it, as existing — the way movies display bloody killings without actually killing people, but with a purpose to display blood and gore. if not dangerous, many of photos you post display insecurity or awkwardness in other ways. examples that caught my eye: — a thin but unceasing stream, so I suppose you don't post these randomly. ‎· 9000
please note that I'm not trying to reproach you or something like that — I'm just interested, as a xenobiologist would be. if I'm pushing to deep into your personal space, just tell me. ‎· 9000
No, it's ok, thank you for your genuine interest in my xenophotostream. I almost always love your comments - they are often as relevant as insightful. ‎· ati