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kleinbl00 comments on A missile was launched off the California coast last night. The problem is: no one knows who launched it. -
"The cool thing about Vandenberg is you can call them up and say "I wanna see a launch" and you talk to a nice girl named Jenny who doesn't really give a shit and is really friendly. She'll give you directions to get there that are wrong, and she'll tell you that the morning ones look the coolest and that you can't really see the Slick 6 launches from anywhere that well. But you drive up there (from LA for me) and you hang out and things are really damn impressive and then you go get a meal (either breakfast or dinner) in Santa Barbara and it's awesome." ‎· ati
Офигительная народная американская забава: наблюдать запуски межконтинентальных баллистических ракет. Завидую! ‎· ati
выглядит оно примерно так: ‎· ati
Казахстанская народная забава такова же. ‎· 9000