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Сегодня я узнал про голливудскую актрису Hedy Lamarr 1913 г.р. (, которая получила известность в определённых кругах, изобретя метод расширения спектра радиосигналов ( US Patent 2,292,387, 1942 г), который широко используется в современной гражданской и военной радиосвязи.
«She gained fame after starring in Gustav Machatý's Ecstasy, a film which featured closeups of her character during orgasm in one scene, as well as full frontal nude shots of her in another scene...» (from ‎· earlyadopter
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«Lamarr took her idea to Antheil and together, Antheil and Lamarr submitted the idea of a secret communication system in June 1941. On August 11, 1942, US Patent 2,292,387 was granted to Antheil and "Hedy Kiesler Markey," Lamarr's married name at the time... Although a presentation of the technique was soon made to the U.S. Navy, it met with opposition and was not adopted. The idea was not implemented in the USA until 1962, when it was used by U.S. military ships during a blockade of Cuba after the patent had expired.» ‎· earlyadopter
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А еще в честь нее хедкраба в half-life2 назвали ) ‎· медаль за город Гудакеш
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