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Удивительно шахматы изменились со времён битвы якодзун моей юности. Хорошая статья, объясняющая, почему лучше отказаться от титула "чемпион мира по шахматам" -- http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/sports_nut/2013/11/the_w...
The gap in points between Carlsen and Armenia’s Levon Aronian, the No. 2 player in the world, in the current World Chess Federation ratings is greater than the gap between Aronian and the world’s No. 19 player. ‎· ati
The problem with the title of world champion is that it’s too crude a measurement of chess skill in an era of instantly updated ratings, and you get embarrassing, confusing situations where the player who is clearly the best isn’t labeled as such. ‎· ati
You’re far too talented to settle for merely being its world champion. ‎· ati
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