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"At forty, if you’re not overworked and too busy to blog, you’re just a distraction for everybody." --
"I can normally generate at least 3.5 Deep Thoughts per hour exploring even the most pointless seeming bunny-trail" ‎· ati
«The minimum-viable sociopath life is only worth living if you studiously avoid examining it. If you must figure life out, make sure you do it too late. That way, your investment in a minimum-viable sociopath life is a sunk cost. If you figure life out too early, you might be tempted to live a Meaningful Life, and that’s nothing but trouble from what I’ve seen. … If you can’t figure it all out and fit the pieces together, chances are high that nobody else can either. Which means nobody can be entirely certain whether you’re part of humanity or not.» ‎· 9000
Мне в этом всём видится какой-то самообман, не знаю, смешной ли. ‎· 9000
Венкат хулиганит немножко, да. ‎· ati
^ self-proclaimed sociopath "хулиганит немножко"? :) ‎· 9000