Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are possibly the two prettiest people in country music today. #acmawards
Nicole Kidman looks like she hasn't seen the sun in 5 or 6 years. Is she a vampire? #acmawards
Aw, poor Dakota Johnson. #Oscars
Oh dear. That's an...interesting dress. ‎· Kirsten
wow, that is all the nope on her. ‎· LibSkrat
Oh, and that hair. #nuhuh ‎· orgmonkey
seriously #nuhuh ‎· LibSkrat
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I just realized there are red splotches on Robin Roberts' dress. It's like blood splatter.
Huh. and then I saw a photo of her in the dress somewhere online and it didn't seem as dreadful. I wonder if the lighting is part of the problem. ‎· k8s
Dunno whether it's my tv or my eyes, but I can't see red in it at all. ‎· Kirsten
I can't tell what color the splotches are, but they don't bother me so much ‎· ellbeecee
I only saw it once. I'm guessing it was an odd combo of lighting and reflection from the carpet. ‎· k8s
It looks to me like gold endpapers that are old enough to start flaking... ‎· LibSkrat
Viola knows how to give a moving speech she writes herself, I tellyawhut.
Enjoy seeing the flash and glitter, but my fave dresses so far have been the simple lines and straight black worn by Kirsten Dunst and Taraji Henderson.
Those two are my faves so far, too. ‎· orgmonkey
Viola Davis in red edges them out IMO. She is ROCKING that. ‎· LibSkrat
@libskrat: It is an absolutely gorgeous shade of red! ‎· k8s ‎· 1
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Janelle Monae's dress is OUTSTANDING!
I am in awe of that dress. ‎· Kirsten
"I am here to outglam you. Do not even TRY. It is OVER because I am here." ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 1
Even though I'm pretty sure it'll mostly be blah, I'm bummed it's unlikely I'll get my Genetics reading done in time to watch the Oscars guilt-free tonight.
I forgot it happens early to accommodate the East Coast. I haven't found a free livestream so I'm watching highlights from THR's Twitter stream. ‎· Spidra Webster
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I know he didn't like it, but I miss LMM's long hair.
Sting is finally beginning to age. #Oscars
I was thinking the same thing :) ‎· ellbeecee
I didn't recognize him at first. ‎· k8s
I don't like Robin Roberts' dress.
I get the gold, homage to the statue, etc, I just don't like it. ‎· ellbeecee
I don't like the flower-things on the straps. ‎· k8s
I don't like it either! And she's pretty flawless so it doesn't seem right not to like it. ‎· orgmonkey
Ooh, no. Hadn't noticed those before k8s ‎· ellbeecee
Has David Oyelowo ever had an off fashion day? (No, he has not) #Oscars
Kirsten Dunst has never looked better and her dress has pockets. #winning #Oscars
Riz Ahmed's tux is amaaaaazing on him. #Oscars
I'm tapping out. I can't take much more of this, and it's also past my bedtime.
Beyoncé is a much better singer than she is a script-reader.
I feel like Beyoncé was on stage for 20 minutes before she ever picked up the microphone & started singing.
She's getting a very long spot. ‎· k8s
I get it; I mean, she's Beyoncé. That said, I would have expected a little more singing. ‎· Mr. Noodle
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Clown Car Karaoke
Wow. Did not expect Maren Morris to win this one. I fully expected Carrie to win, but wouldn't have been surprised if Miranda won (since she seems to win every single award on the various country music award shows), and felt like Keith probably deserved it.
Not surprised Bowie won the award, but I, personally, would have picked 3 of the other choices above his.
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Perhaps he should wear glasses if the prompter is a problem.
Daft Punk is kind of the epitome of what gives electronic artists/DJs a bad name when people think about how useless it is to see them live. They literally stood there and pushed a few buttons.
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We have a wind storm here and my signal is acting wonky. Sometimes the sound goes out for a second.
Wind storm here, too (~65-75 mph gusts), but *knocks on wood* not messing with my net connection yet. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Hallo? Grammy's watchers?
Oh, Maisie, no no no.