I'm loving the colors of the dresses, and whoever this tall black lesbian in gray sparkles is, is doing a great job in the interviewing, I think
Robin Roberts - she does a great job, and is a major reason I switched to GMA over CBS when I couldn't take the Today show anymore ‎· ellbeecee
I really like how she is bringing up the diversity issue almost constantly. And I LOVED Kerry Washington's answer! ‎· Rudibrarian
It's a wholle different thing than the Joan Rivers era! Huh,,, maybe. I might check out GMA. (I don't usually do TV in the morning) ‎· Rudibrarian
I turn it on in the AM to catch local traffic/news/weather - and since the local NBC station is terrible, I based on which national morning program I could stand of between CBS and ABC. ‎· ellbeecee
Well, the Red Carpet on E is in full Joan mode. :) It's the difference between having an actual journalist do the red carpet vs. Joan and her crew. ‎· k8s
that makes me glad I don't have cable! ‎· Rudibrarian
I do love that Robin Roberts was a sportscaster for so long and now does red carpet (when not doing GMA). The woman has range! ‎· k8s
I haven't watched Good Morning America in a long time, so I didn't realize Robin Roberts had come out in 2013 (via Wikipedia). (Looking at the timeline for her bone marrow transplant, I think I stopped watching morning shows shortly before she came out.) ‎· bentley