I've been on stage at Dolby and it is v shallow. I have no idea how they pull off the stuff they do!
Looks like they build it out. Probably over the orchestra pit? ‎- Rudibrarian
Yes yes, I think you're right ‎- orgmonkey
You can't just drop that there without details: what were you doing on stage at The Dolby? ‎- Spidra Webster
They just had a shot that made it clear they built over the orchestra pit. Man, that must be claustrophobic for the orchestra. ‎- Spidra Webster
@spidra I was on a tour! They let us go out to accept our award. And then we got to hold a Real Oscar. So fun. They're really heavier than they appear! ‎- orgmonkey
Wow, that's a helluva tour perq! ‎- Spidra Webster