It's time to discuss how wedded we are to our guns. I'm not normally a fan of government telling us what to do. But I'm also sick and tired of massacres. If you're a strong 2nd Amendment supporter, here's something to consider: even though there are many law-abiding, peaceful gun owners, next to nothing has been done to prevent people with mental illnesses, with criminal records, and with proven violent tendencies from owning (and using) firearms. Here's another point: the right to bear arms was wrapped in states' rights to form militias to defend themselves against foreign powers, and even the federal government. However, if the feds get a bug up their ass to do something, all the weapons in your state will be worthless. I dare someone to tell me otherwise (HINT: states do not possess nuclear weapons.) We simply do not live in the same world as our founding fathers. It's time to say enough is enough. It's time to start taking whatever steps are necessary to stop the friggin mass shootings.
We live in a country where toy guns are regulated more than real ones. ‎· April ‎· 2
Hey y'all. Anyone home?
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Days like this are tiring. How tiring? Two batches of French press coffee made, and wondering about a third. The termite guy is here, treating two areas that are likely already free from termites but treating due to an inspector who can't tell old from new. Just said goodbye to the roof inspector who says we need $7000 of underlayment. Sure, I'll just write a check. *sigh*
We're gonna tough it out...
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That's the spirit. We had a few clouds on the court this morning. ‎· marybaum
It's true. I'm feeling especially corny and tired today...even as I have landscapers outside doing several grand worth of work.
I know it's a day that will likely have sadness...but happy birthday @jvjannotti.
Good morning, fellow miscreants. Today I wake up in Tucson. Driving back to PHX for my therapy appointment. Then I go to the courthouse to get documents my wife needs regarding the sale of our house, drive back to Tucson, go to the bank to complete some more documents, drive back to PHX for the night, then wake up to landscapers who should be there around 7am.
I'm too old for this shit. ‎· Bubba McTanaka
I'm a mature 48 year old male. I submit this picture as proof.
I just stuck my tongue out. I am a mature something aged female. Ear wiggles ‎· jltrdms-Janet
Ain't we all, dear, ain't we all. ‎· kmbnrn
ima a immature 25 years old male .d.d.d i will fak u till u lav me faggot .d.d.d ‎· Ecevit
Good morning, fellow weirdos!
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#sinceFFdied I fell into a deep depression. I'm still struggling to recover.
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Here I am. Where are you?
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