In case of Jan Jelinek only first and last albums worth it. Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Bird, lake, objects (
Сюда можно ссылки на youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp и dropbox привинчивать меж тем, с плеером. ‎· elenius
@elenius: I've read it. Interesting would links work too? ‎· красота есть? а если найду?
Google drive отдает прямые ссылки на mp3? ‎· elenius
does it send emails when new comments are posted? ‎· красота есть? а если найду?
Nope/not yet ( @squadette ?) The only notifications you get are about your new direct messages. You can make/discuss feature requests in @mokum-support though. ‎· elenius
The easiest way to check updates on your conversations are "your discussions"/"your comments" tabs ‎· elenius
@tisane: yes I am. And who are you? ‎· красота есть? а если найду?
i am tisane, obviously ;) i know you since livejournal times i suppose. you are one of Nick Zavriev (ambidextrous) close friends, if i'm not mistaken. glad to see you here! ‎· незаживающая у тебя рана дорогой
@tisane: Gotcha! You're the one who used my first ever picture as cover for web release, right? ‎· красота есть? а если найду?
you are damn right! orange caterpillar on a blured green background. i still find this picture stunningly beautifull ‎· незаживающая у тебя рана дорогой