"Each rendering has been produced by Foster + Partners, Britain’s most prestigious architecture firm which has just won a competition to redesign an iconic district in central Cairo, vowing to “set the benchmark for urban regeneration throughout the country”. As part of its plans, the street on which Tarek is standing will eventually become a lagoon, lined with “cafés, restaurants and shops that will make this a highly desirable leisure destination.” But Tarek – a middle-aged street vendor who requested that the Guardian not use his real name – is perturbed. He looks down at the glossy graphics, and then up again, before gesturing around at his neighbours. “Where are we in this picture?” he asks. Tarek’s question cuts to the heart of the debate over urban development in Egypt, a battleground that is intimately entwined with the past half-decade’s revolutionary turmoil and is now assuming intense political relevance again. His neighbourhood is on the frontline of a struggle between two competing models of change, and the outcome promises to reveal much about the intentions of Egypt’s latest authoritarian rulers." http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/dec/23/norman-fosters-...
fakat şu da güzelmiş: "Indeed, there’s reason to hold out hope for the Maspero Triangle District plan. Iskander, the head of MURIS spearheading the initiative, is recognized as having a solid record of social entrepreneurship (a fraught term, admittedly – something she has acknowledged herself). She defends a “rights-based approach” that would provide residents of informal settlements with land rights, and work directly with them to decide whether to renovate their homes or relocate. So far, granting property rights has also helped quiet the protests of gentrification-wary residents who had taken to the streets earlier in the year." HELPED QUİET KISMININ ARDINDAN: "Correction: An article recently published in the Guardian on the Maspero District plan notes that Iskander was forced out of her position as head of MURIS in September 2015." ahaha vaktiyle topbaş'ın falan yolunu açtığı "alternatif planlamacı"lar gibim olmuş, şuradan: http://archinect.com/news/article/140830159/the-selective-amn... ‎· benmavi
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