Took two and a half hours, but after grinding my inbox, it's now clear. 49 emails handled and three ILS tickets closed.
hey! so our IT Mgr went to your session at CiL and passed the info on to one of the IT guys and yesterday we got some Raspberry Pi displays up and running! I heard about it and said 'HEY THAT'S DAN'S THING, I KNOW HIM!" ‎· holly ‎· 1
:D ‎· holly
#winning ‎· mehlib
OH WOW! That's awesome !:D I've gotten some really great responses from that session. I'm so happy people got something out of it! ‎· Bibrarian
our main branch wants to add them for each of their meeting rooms to display the room schedules, so they are gonna be perfect. :) and i think they've already got plans to use them to replace what we have at some other branches. ‎· holly