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We tend to assume that a company’s purpose is to make money for its shareholders, or at least “not go bankrupt,” because money is how we measure success. And this is in fact true of most companies. But it is not true of Tesla. “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure,” and this is as true of money as it is of any other measure. The purpose of Tesla is not to make money; it is to pioneer fleets of smart mass-market electric cars, and the infrastructure to support them, and battery technology which is not limited to cars. Making money is ancillary --



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Well, the usual chain is business -> money -> owner's delight. But why not consider a more direct process, business -> (money, owner's delight)? Here money is indeed a byproduct necessary only for the functioning of the business. I thought many publishers, art galleries, theaters (not cinemas), etc are operated this way.

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^официальная терминология для таких инвестиций -- "dividends come in the form of joy of ownership"

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