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"Usually, the more effusive lip service from on high was a preamble to attempts to cut our supplies and personnel and make it harder to do our actual jobs. We learned to be suspicious of floating praise."
Lois McMaster Bujold, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen ‎· LibSkrat
Is it out now? ‎· Pete Smith
I filled a shelf with all the previous Vorkosigan books last year :D ‎· Pete Smith
E-only. Print is out next month. ‎· LibSkrat
Ta ‎· Pete Smith
FWIW Baen is DRM-free, so I cheerfully buy ebooks from them. On the rare occasion they publish a book I'd read... they tend rather toward the (American) militaristic right-wing. ‎· LibSkrat
Aye. I'm pretty sure I saw one that had a 'communist Obama take over plot militia fightback' plot ‎· Pete Smith