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"The Plantagenet kings, who were reputed by legend to have descended from the Devil..." The War of the Roses, Alison Weir
I just love that this is plopped in there, no citation, context, or reference. You know, the Devil people. Plantagenet. Whatever. ‎· Jennifer D.
Later on, "Long sleeves that swept the floor were reviled as 'full of slashes and devils.'" It feels like there's a lot of devils happening in this text. ‎· Jennifer D.
Were the long sleeves worn by the Plantagenets? ‎· John B.
It was a complaint about the excesses of court dress under Richard II, specifically, so some of them. ‎· Jennifer D.
Long sleeves were Tudor I thought. One of the queens Anne Boleyn? Supposedly had extra fingers so wore long sleeves, that might have been propaganda. ‎· Halil
Didn't Richard II start the whole, "Your Royal Highness" attribute? ‎· Halil